How did Snowhite feel when she first caught sight of the house of the seven dwarves? Just as if you were found in such a fairy-like clearing, you will feel too when the first stone houses of Montanema Handmade Village will come into view. Besides this, the experience of a unique stay does not start the moment you set foot on the reception area but from the 3.5-kilometre drive through the pristine forest among the fir trees with only the sounds of nature breaking the silence. The thirty-three apartments and

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suites of various types located in stone-built houses with tiled roofs and wooden details spread out like a small village .They are connected with each other and can be reached not only by road but also through beautiful cobbled paths dotted with handmade wooden details. The entrance with the solid wooden steps, the warmth of stone and wood as well as the personal collection of old items and works of art all give a distinct decorative style. The handmade details which are present in every corner, the energy fireplaces that burn constantly, the carved baths with cement screed, the comfortable bright spaces, not to mention the verandas that almost caress the fir trees make up a personal sanctuary of relaxation created by the very ingredients of nature. The simplicity of a country house where you get the chance to make your own coffee in the kitchenette meets the comforts of a mountainous resort through carefully planned services provided generously and wholeheartedly. The wi-fi signal is great, don’t be sure however that you’re going to need it!