Four Seasons Quality Agrotourism

Our efforts are focused on elevating the hospitality experience to a higher form of art. After a stay at Montanema, visitors will experience a positive change. This change allows the individual, with the help of nature, to appreciate the value of a life without unnecessary complications. The value of communication, interaction with one other and the value of natural and authentic food will all allow the individual to eventually adapt to a new way of life based upon the philosophy of ‘’back to basics’’.

Wild Life Refuge

The Montanema arrival experience takes you along a forest road that cuts through an unspoilt wildlife refuge protected by the Natura 2000 network. At an altitude of 1000 metres, stunning views are enjoyed towards the Thessaly plateau, famous Meteora and mount Olympus. During autumn we hike along mountain trails, picking wild fruit and nuts whilst passing stone bridges, watermills, ancient Byzantine monasteries and fresh water springs. During spring we hike the gorge that connects Montanema with the village of Anthohori, stopping for a swim at the waterfalls. During summer we organise picnics by the river and waterfalls. Our experienced mountain guides help explore the area, abundant with wildflowers, herbs and wild mushrooms, teaching us how to prepare soothing natural remedies. We collect wood from the trees that have ended their life circle using them to light our wood fired oven. We live in the woods and we live through it!

The animals

During spring time we make cheese from the milk of the sheep that feed freely in the alpine fields of the Agrafa Mountains. The visitor will learn how to make Feta cheese, traditional pies, butter and yoghurt. We collect eggs from our free range hens for breakfast and use them to prepare our traditional cakes and pies.

Our mountain fields

During summertime, the vegetable gardens around the cottages of our handmade village are filled with fresh produce. Local varieties of tomato, corn, courgette, aubergine, pepper, cucumber and aromatic fresh herbs bring delicious flavour to our homemade dishes cooked in the wood fired oven. You can pick your own fresh salads and savour them in the kitchenette in your cottage. The gardens and forest are full of red berries, blackcurrants, blueberries, strawberries and gooseberries, all available for breakfast and for use in creating delicious liqueurs. There are an abundance of fruit trees that grow in our farm. Damson, apple, peach, lotus, walnut, plum, cherry and pear trees all offer their delicious fruit for our homemade preserves and pies. In autumn we pick mountain grown potatoes from the nearby village of Floresio. Summertime sees us picking fresh green beans, some of which we dry to use in stews and soups during winter. The end of autumn sees us participating with the locals in the traditional production of tsipouro. Locally known as ‘’kazanemata’’, it is worth sampling it by the open fire next to the traditional watermill still used to grind the local harvest. The above activities are ideal for guests that are following a healthy vegetarian diet.


Explore the beauty of Plastira Lake on horseback, pedalo or along mountain bike trails. You can enjoy the stunning scenery by paragliding from the nearby launch field in Porti or mountain climbing in the Mouzaki climbing field. Our younger guests can enjoy archery, canoeing and other team sports by the lake. The above activities are all organized by our experienced staff. In wintertime you can enjoy the snow and participate in winter sports, including skiing and snowboarding at the nearby Neraida ski centre.

Children Activities

Our child care and Montanema Handmade Village staff teach children to appreciate and enjoy nature all year round. In wintertime they can play on the mountain in sleighs, make snowmen and sing carols with the locals in the village. Summer is for enjoying the swimming pool and learning how to bake cookies. In springtime they go out to the fields to collect wildflowers and make beautiful wreaths. In autumn they make candle holders from red plain tree leaves. These are just some of the many activities we offer during the year.

Thematic experiences

In Montanema Handmade Village we regard nature and the tastes of the area as a source of inspiration for unique experiences which make up the “handmade” character of our village and are the reason why we are so eager to share our special moments. Depending on the season and the interests of the visitors we organize a variety of activities which you can take part in: we learn how to make pies from traditional cooks, we pick mushrooms, wild fruit in the forest or greens from the fertile mountainous orchards of our village and we use them all together in our cookings or in order to make jams and liqueurs,we match select wines from our cellar with harmonic flavours and even more surprises!