ENTERTAINMENT / Action for both children and adults

When was the last time you ran in the mountain surrounded by fir trees and accompanied by the sound of the waterfall? Or that you did your yoga practice with the pristine forest in the background? This is the feeling that the fitness programme of Montanema Handmade Village offers to visitors housed in a wonderful airy space overlooking nature. Here, you will exercise with machines of the latest technology, here you can participate in a yoga programme, a running programme, made especially to suit your needs . The trained staff will guide you as you combine physical exercise with a special menu of healthy diet.

The big open air swimming pool in the village square awaits you for cool moments of relaxation with the view of Agrafa near the creeks with the gargling waters. Relax in the sunbeds, with a beverage or a drink of your choice from the bar, or a light snack and enjoy a different unique aspect of the mountain, which transforms itself in the summer.


Montanema Handmade Village loves children and parents alike. In the open air playground in one of the clearest landscapes in the world, according to Unesco as well as in the indoor recreation area the children can have fun and play with their friends.